My love for music has been enveloped in my writing since the beginning. You’ve grown used to me curating pieces based off of today’s music. For the month of August, I’m going to take it back to the beginning and highlight a couple of throwback songs that highlight myself and my writing. The first being, “Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer.

My love for music dates back to me being a kid, where whenever my mom needed to occupy my time while she was busy, she would turn on the music videos. This was my favorite one as it had me bouncing off the walls of my crib. Thank you for introducing me to music at such a young age.

Can’t Touch This (inspired by the song of the same name)

90s baby

Beginning of an era

Make no mistake

I ain’t never been an error

Make sure I greet you 

Like at the beginning of a letter

Dear Summer sounds perfect

Jay couldn’t have said it better

Big Sean had you all thinking 

This song was all about ass

I’m here to teach you some things

Pull up a chair, let’s start the class

1 9 9 2

Safety scissors and some glue

And my knucklehead ass 

Probably acting a damn fool

Break it down

My mama had me in my crib

No baggage needed 

but she said I was a trip

Watched this video over and over

No lie

Couldn’t tell a fib

Thank you for this song

My mind became equipped

my love for music strong

Because of that everlasting grip



Reggie Johnson (he/him) reigns from Cincinnati, Ohio. At the age of 9, he found a love for writing while on summer vacation. His rhythmic style of writing tells his personal story.

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