My love for writing dates back to when I was nine but for ten years I went away from it. The end of my freshman year of college, one artist made me pick back up the pen and that artist was Drake. His debut single, Over, from his album, Thank Me Later, resonated deeply with me at the age of 19.

The song served as a reintroduction for my love for writing. For the first time, I was able to combine my love for both music and writing together. Thank you so much for being an inspiration, Drizzy.

Over (inspired by the song of the same name)

Bottles on me

So I expect a toast

And a few of them to show up

And think that it’s a roast

As I review my 10 years

I don’t want to brag and boast 

One thing that has changed 

The amount of stuff that I post

Content creator 

My media getting social

Delivering messages

Like I’m trying to go postal 

Used to be the quiet one

Now I’m getting more vocal

Tend to dabble in some rapping 

Been working on my vocals

About to go Drizzy

Stop acting for the kids, see

Putting people in a frizzy

I knew him

How could it be

They thinking what a pity

Maybe he really wasn’t kidding

I was always on the ballot

Y’all just now started the bidding 

Who would’ve thought I’d get this far

Back in 09, a Corolla was my first car

2021, my writing been on par

Everything’s aligning but I’m not a star

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