Social Justice has been one of the common themes found in my writing over the last year. When it comes to serious topics, my thoughts and emotions build up to the point in which when written, one can clearly tell my views over a subject. This next artist, Halfofyou, witnessed some of my strongest poems come to life when it came to discussing injustice in America and political topics.

   His latest single, Abajó La Dictadura, is the artist’s strongest tracks not only in terms of the subject matter regarding his views of the Cuban protests of the Communist Party but his use of his platform to discuss change. One thing he taught me last year was to ensure that your art is a voice for generations to come and to be a leader in your own revolution. Abajó La Dictadura is a great example of a creative making a change.




Abajó La Dictadura (inspired by the song of the same name)


It wouldn’t be 2021 

Without me talking politics

So many audibles in the last 9 months

Seems like life been running full blitz

Government tackling all these issues

With a quarterback field general to the plays

Making a lot of movements 

In hopes it pays off in the coming days

Vaccinate or not been the only two ways

Got us following in directions not trekked

When we wish we could use Waze


COVID got under control

Then it decided to go Greek

Had more variants showing they letters 

Ready to takeover as we speak

Too many what ifs and not enough episodes

Cases spike again and none of us are sold


Meanwhile, let it be known that I say

Abajo La Dictadura 

Reminiscent of once chanting Cuba Libre

Free them from the shackles 

Of the adversity

Let their voices be heard and expect nothing more from me

Let one’s voice continue to lead the revolution

And we won’t stop, until the job is done



Reggie Johnson (he/him) reigns from Cincinnati, Ohio. At the age of 9, he found a love for writing while on summer vacation. His rhythmic style of writing tells his personal story.

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