Throw It Away (inspired by the song of the same name)


March from December

You lit the flame

Made the embers

You acted like a saint

When you was a sinner 

Well you lucky I was born one

J.Cole taught me that

So you can never scorn one

Mourn one 

One relationship that you killed

Some like the truth served hot

And their clarity in turn chilled

Since when your cup ran over

I just let that shit spill

Since you was so quick to tear down

The foundation we would build

And how did you throw it away

That’s the words I mustered up to say

How you just throw it away

You did everything to go and not stay

How you gonna throw it away

Thankful that you let us go separate ways 

How you gonna throw it away


One thing I love about Summer Walker is her keen ability to write about her real life experiences in song form. With only two albums released, she has become one of R&B’s leading women breaking numerous records. Her latest album, Still Over It, released earlier this month to critical acclaim as she depicts her personal issues for the whole world to hear. The track, Throw It Away, is one of the standout tracks on the project.

Summer Walker was in a very public relationship with her longtime producer, London on the Track. Earlier this year they split up shortly before she gave birth to their child. The song will be familiar to people who have been through breakups and the feeling of dealing with a person giving up on their relationship and dealing with the consequences. I’ve dealt with this not only in relationships but with friendships too. This song brought up old memories. 



Reggie Johnson (he/him) reigns from Cincinnati, Ohio. At the age of 9, he found a love for writing while on summer vacation. His rhythmic style of writing tells his personal story.

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