After Last Night (inspired by the song of the same name)


If I could have one wish

we’d make up the whole constellation 

The only shining star I need

To light up the night

Because you already made my day

You’re something else

I thought that I wouldn’t have this feeling again

But you managed to breakthrough

And I appreciate you

I want you

Not normally this forward 

And I don’t want to bend over backwards

When I’m gonna see you again

Because after last night

I just want to let time stand still

After last night

The feeling you gave me

Is licensed to kill

High as a rollercoaster

And you gave me the thrill

Weather’s getting colder

And your touch gives me chills

When I’m gonna see you again 




When I think about a musical act that has had a significant amount of impact in 2021, Silk Sonic is the first name to come to mind. Ever since the release of their first hit, “Leave the Door Open”, fans tirelessly waited until the release of their debut project. An Evening with Silk Sonic was released this November serving as a time capsule back to the 70’s with Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak’s innate ability to capture the essence of the time period through their music.

   A standout song from the album is the track, “After Last Night” featuring Thundercat and Bootsy Collins. This feel good track is something I’d imagine would be played in skating rinks. The sensual song explores the topic of seeing someone and anticipating the next time together with the person. Myself along with others can recall moments where you can relate to the situation. If you’re looking to press play on some old school vibes with a new twist, check out this track and the album on all music streaming services. 




Reggie Johnson is a 2x Pushcart nominee writer/columnist reigning out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Reggie has created a rhythmic style of writing to tell his personal experiences and beyond. Reggie has 10 books available on all major online retailers and his work can be seen in various literary magazines. He currently has two columns, Drunken Karaoke featured on Daily Drunk Magazine & REPLAYS featured on The Poetry Question.

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