NOTE TO SELF (inspired by the song of the same name)


Note to self

It took myself to see that I used to be one-note

Sometime my actions didn’t match up when I spoke

It took a lot of time for me to dive deep when I wrote

So sink or swim when I go on a whim

I hope you able to float

I hope you able to ride the wave

I been surfing my whole life

Applying what’s current to what I feel was right

They say life is a game show

Well I hope your price is right

Because I showcase to keep it a 100

You wish for a cent to be what I’m like

You wish for a percent to get what I like

I get to cement my footprint with my Nikes

Run with them on my feet so I’m never chasing checks

Some chasing Franklin Aretha’s like you gonna earn my respect

Give you a booster shot, the words I inject

Or give you a booster seat, act like a child when you upset

Note to self

I’m a work in progress

The progress can be seen in my work

Eating up my blessings like they been served with a fork

Popping bottles with a cork

I do this for sport

And I’m not gonna stop til I’m in the big leagues

Note to self

I’m getting close, a mouse chasing the big cheese



  Russ has been one of the hardest working independent artists in the music industry today. All year long, he’s steadily been releasing new singles on a weekly basis to feed his fanbase’s appetites. To round out the end of 2021, he released Chomp 2, the sequel in his Chomp series. One of the highlights on the album is Note To Self featuring Big Sean, Wale, Joey Bada$$ & Hitboy

  The one thing that I like with this track as for the rest of the album is the nostalgic feel of 90’s hip hop throughout the project. The mid-tempo track finds Russ and the other artists reflecting over their accomplishments in the music industry while remaining humble and hungry for what’s next. That’s the mindset that I’ve been in as of lately. 2021 has been a whirlwind of a year and bringing this column to life has been one of my top moments of this year. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year. 

Reggie Johnson

Reggie Johnson

Reggie Johnson is a 2x Pushcart nominee writer/columnist reigning out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Reggie has created a rhythmic style of writing to tell his personal experiences and beyond. Reggie has 10 books available on all major online retailers and his work can be seen in various literary magazines. He currently has two columns, Drunken Karaoke featured on Daily Drunk Magazine & REPLAYS featured on The Poetry Question.

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