Occasionally I wake and apathy

is a dinner plate stained with the night before.

 – from “For Your Information”

It’s not that we are trapped, but more that we are just, well, here. It’s not that we are unwilling to move ourselves from point a to point b, it’s that those destinations are predetermined by God or Nature or a recurring vision of a man in a white, but not white shirt. And we are most definitely not here to survive and die, but rather to survive within the noise, and then die. 

In David Ross Linklater’s, Scenes from a God Movie, there exists nothing more than reality at Reality’s pace. These are devotional poems to the flow of the every day, where God takes on all forms and casts a wide net of irony over life. Linklater’s somewhat laissez faire approach to daily happenings comes is put on hold for that which the speaker feels may be sacred, like the Bee lady, who carefully plots the existence of those within her reach, or the midnight worker who is there to simply get things done. 

Linklater has placed us in a world that we already know, but aren’t always keen to look at beyond what is directly in front of us. It’s our day-to-day life that is, in fact, predetermined – where in fact, the speaker has laid “the groundwork for all to come after / pulled up the carpet / and showed you all the rot. 

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