Join Chris and Courtney in a sit down with Jae Nichelle, poet of page and stage, in a conversation about passions, process, pitfalls, and poetry!


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With over 50 million views on Facebook and 1 million on YouTube, Jae Nichelle is a viral spoken word artist based in Atlanta by way of Louisiana. Her work has been featured in Best New Poets 2020 and on several poetry platforms, and she’s been winning poetry slams since she was 16. Her guilty pleasures include crop tops, taco bell, and starting projects that she’ll never finish.

Courtney Margolin, Co-EiC of The Poetry Question, and co-host of TPQ20, is a veteran educator and TBI survivor, known for her uncanny ability to find the perfect piece of reading to change the lives of those in her presence. Leading the charge on the TPQ20 podcast, she can bring your favorite author to tell their deepest secrets.
Chris Margolin (he/him), CO-EiC of The Poetry Question and Co-Host of TPQ20, bleeds semantics & poetry. With almost 20 years in education, he has seen words change lives. He began TPQ when a student asked him to prove the relevancy of poetry in modern times; his work here strives to do just that.

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