(inspired by the song of the same name)


Seem like nowadays 

I sit back and let the broken record play

Groundhog mentality

At times it’s like same shit different day

A whole new price to play

Tell me that’s how the chips fall

Na pick em up, them ain’t fucking lays


Lately at times I just want a vacation 

Lately at times I just want some adoration

Lately at times I want to experience a transformation

First second or third 

I just want to get a place in

Savoring the moment

I’m just trying to get a taste in


Five days on, two days off

Consistency always point on

Otherwise I’m going off

I’m going in like they doing it for 2009

13 years later, on my MJ 

Remember the time


Not a care in the world

Learning about one’s self 

Take what I know now 

And protect myself and mental health

Protect my peace

Now I’m up here living with my life on a lease


Excuse me leash

Rent money always due 

Like I’m someone’s dog 

yanking my chain

Life full of checks and balances

One’s loss is another’s gain

They must be used to me spending

Following my every move 

Guess that’s why I’m trending


Mary J. Blige will go down as one of the greatest R&B singers of all time. Her music catalog expands decades and she still creates timeless music to go with the times. The singer just released her latest album, Good Morning Gorgeous, and one of the standout tracks is ‘Rent Money’.

The mid-tempo song has a deeper meaning as the artist discusses her trials and tribulations. This vulnerable track hits me personally as it causes you to turn inward and self-reflect on one’s actions and behaviors. You can check it out on all music streaming services.

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