(inspired by the song of the same name)

Say…what you mean

Mean…what you say

Hold your words by the neck

Bullshit I’m not giving the time of the day

Given too many chances to unwilling

Individuals who I chose to let stay

Way past their welcome

Thank you for the content 

The drama was unwelcome

Took the initiative to resolve it

Nowadays seldom

Done feeding off the anguish 

This is not another anthem

This problem is continuous

This one time isn’t random

Done being the star of your show

Quit entertaining your fandom

Quit acting like a child

Stop doing your temper tantrums 

What you mad for

When I was the one that was wronged?

You the one that called me weak

When my endurance was so strong

The first time, I was a fuck up

The second time, you was a come up

Third time was a charm, gullible with dumb luck

And so when I said mean what you say

And say what you mean

You did me dirty and didn’t come clean

With your broken promise

R&B music has been the music of choice for me over the last several days. One artist, in particular, is newcomer Summer Walker, a fan favorite of many as she is known for being explicitly open about her relationship issues and personal life. Off her new album, Still Over It, the track ‘Broken Promises’ has been in rotation as the writing has and currently resonates in my own life. I’m thankful for writing as it continues to serve as an outlet in stressful times. 

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