(inspired by the song of the same name)

77 days into this year and I believe I’m making progress

Things have been a hard pill to swallow

However I managed to digest

Recycling old recounts and in the end I just digress

Told myself to focus more and worry less

Will lead to more success


I used to think

Life ain’t fair

But why I feel like I’m on a merry go round

Riding bumper to bumper on the edge

Leading to destruction on my way down

Capitol Cities used to say this journey would be safe and sound

I’m all out of tickets,

Ice cream melted in my hands 

What do I do now?


Life ain’t fare

Well who paying for this taxi

Buckled into too many situations

Should’ve seen the cars coming right at me

They used to crash right into me

And the trauma used to shackle me

No wonder I always ran it back

I used to wait for the pain to tackle me


Is it fair?

Right or wrong

I take it all for what it is

Tired of balling up this stress

And let it out with all my fists

Life grabbed me by the wrists 

Nothing a little self-care couldn’t fix

All eyes have been on Normani since going solo from the music group, Fifth Harmony. She took us on the ‘Wild Side’ last year and she returns with a new single, Fair. The song finds the artist stripped down to bare all of her emotions, a side we have yet to see from the artist. 

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