(inspired by the song of the same name)


This month, Cincy

Next month, Miami

Y’all better sit down

I know y’all can’t stand me

Don’t look me over

Best believe you understand me

Taking prisoners

Last one standing 


This not a joke

Not even funny

Doug your own grave

Patty the one for me

Dug my own grave

pour out one for me

too underground 

it’s getting lonely

Made rap my house

It’s feeling homey

You say wassup 

was never homies 

You say wassup

Was never homies 


coming for the top

Top of the skull 

Shiny as ever 

Never dull

Hungry as ever

Never full

Red eyes only

Back on my bull

Red eyes only

Black as the dragon

Red eyes only 

way they be dragging

Crime scene

Who they caught lacking

When I show up

They see the traction

They see the beard

They see the attraction

They see the journey

They see the traction

We going up

That is a faction

We going up 

That’s not fiction

Check my words 

Check the diction

Best believe

Don’t want no friction

Nicki Minaj’s everlasting impact in today’s music industry continues as she returns to the scene with hit single after hit single so far in the first three months of 2022. Her latest track, We Goin’ Up with fellow New York rapper, Fivio Foreign adds to the list of songs showcasing her signature style while incorporating new ones from today’s artists.

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