(inspired by the song of the same name)

My nail tech so slick
She know I like to keep ‘em on they toes
I’m ruler in this universe
And in it, anything goes
My competition, who knows
I smell they up to something
I could give a damn who nose

At the end of the day
We ain’t seeing eye to eye
I swear I don’t see you crossing t’s
And I don’t see you dotting I’s
This only a percentage of this income
But we ain’t talking pies
She can hit that 3.14 stance
And I ain’t talking pi’s 

Either way you look at it
Things ain’t adding up
Stepping up to the plate
Before they say batter up
Continuing talking your shit
You just outta luck
Got your red dot hit me in
A spot where I don’t give a fuck

10 toes that’s my M.O.
Had some yes’s now I can tell em N.O.
Had close friends
But now I have friends that I keep close
Been burned by them and celebrated
Remember it every time I make a toast


Jack Harlow has been displaying that “it factor” as his celebrity status continues to rise. He is gearing up to release his sophomore effort lead by the single, “Nail Tech”. The track is another example of the Louisville rapper’s versatility and being one of today’s rising Hip-Hop acts.

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