(inspired by the song of the same name)

Change gonna come

For me it’s sink or swim

Too many people I extended branches

And gone out on a limb

The switch up is contagious 

Many do it on a whim

I like revenge served hot and you better fill it to the brim

Don’t let that shit spill over

If it does, I’m bound to react

Them fools may be delicious

But you far from a snack

You either speak your truths

Or hide the things you lack

Don’t think everything that come out my mouth

Is a form of an attack

Just be forreal

Just be forreal

I’m the one that had all the feels

I’m the one that cared still 

Now I’m the one to say you lost the thrill

R&B singer Blxst has been in the music industry for a few years now releasing music on his own and collaborating with musicians such as Rick Ross & Nas. He released his new album, Before You Go, last week and one of the standout songs on the project is Be Forreal. The subject matter matched with the 2000s R&B feel sets up the perfect track to ride along to as we head into the Spring and Summer months..

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