(inspired by the song of the same name)


Take off my cross chain

Take off the beard

Take off the disdain

Take off the watch

Take off the grey hairs

Take away the insane

Thoughts and memories

Clear so vividly

At the same time it’s livid


Take off the Tom’s 

Wearing like an Uncle

Yet our feet ain’t walked the same paths

Walked how many miles

You do the math

You feel the wrath

You feel the power? 

I just sit back and laugh

My story been toyed with so laugh

Go get the giraffe


I need a bath

Wash away some of these worries

Shake it up like a McFlurry

Does drained looked good on me?

The pressures of life begin to sink in

And it’s like someone left the water running

Washing ourselves of the sins 

But it feels like I’m taking a ho bath

This here a ho craft

I mean whole craft

It’s not witchcraft

It’s not Minecraft

Far from your number pick going 

first round in the draft 


Take off the stress

Take off every article of clothing

That I got from express

Take away everything on my person

In which I used to express

N95 more like NC-17

Because in the first 17 years of my life

Who would’ve thought this young man would be doing things

Outta Pocket

It’s been a big weekend for music as hip hop artist, Kendrick Lamar released his highly anticipated fifth studio album, Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers. The project in full has been one of the most discussed topics this weekend in terms of its subject matter. The first single, N95, is an explosive standout meant to be heard in your car. 

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