(inspired by the song of the same name)

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and I just need to breathe

Inhale exhale put my mind at ease

Imagine that soothing ocean sound 

Sunny with that cool breeze

Had to deal with the storms

To know if I can weather the weather 

Or whether this becoming the norm

This why I keep training

Being in top form

Because I been at the bottom 

And I had been down worn

Feel the times changing

Sand running out in the hour glass

Another moment lives on

A new memory begins to pass

Environment changing around me

Adapting to the new grass

Acknowledging it first

So I don’t feel the hurt last

New life beginnings

Seem like series getting a reboot

Love in the air so loud

And for me the love is mute 

Sometimes I bite my tongue

As they say keep it cute

Keeping the same things to myself

I am Groot, I am Groot

Let’s get to the root

What is this that im experiencing

Waves keep coming

Water keeps rippling

And I realize it’s just waves

They come and go

Hit or miss

Sometimes it just has to feel like this

Waves by Russ is a perfect way to close out Mental Heath Awareness month. This song serves as an introspective of maintaining one’s psyche and dealing with things as they arise. It’s an ongoing challenge that many people, including myself deal with on a normal basis.

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