(inspired by the song of the same name)

I’ve had my highs

And experienced lows

Tried to remain grounded

With all ten toes

Going through this journey

With all of my woes

Paper and the pen

The pain just flows

Old habits. Die young

Just a hero. Unsung

Opportunity calls, it never rung

Hello hello 

Do you hear me from the other side?

Running from the fears

When it’s coming from the inside

No more counted out

No where for me to hide 

Who knows what happens when 

Pain and perseverance collides?

You said that I

Can’t spell tired without I

Can’t remember last time I cried

Can’t remember last time my eyes have dried

Can’t remember last time you hurt my pride

So save me

Things been heavy lately

Seems like people are starting to outdate me

Seems like I’m accelerating but things wanna break me

But there will never be one bold enough to make me

Florida artist, Danny London has been quietly making a name for himself since the beginning of 2022 releasing a steady flow of content for listeners. Just this week, he released his new single, Save Me featuring HALFOFYOU and this song has all the makings to be a certified hit. From the catchy hook, to the relatability of the song’s content, tune in to the pair’s new song on all music streaming services.

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