(inspired by the song of the same name)

Not into too many surprises

Unless it’s a special occasion

And whenever I’m with you

It’s a cause for a celebration

If you be bad for me

I’m bringing out the villain

Be the hero

Come slay me I’m willing

If you lay me to rest

I’ll be your guardian angel

90 degrees is not the only angle

I want from you 


Just getting words from the wise

You are a freaky girl

So you deserve some Gucci

She say she likes the daddy shorts

The ones she call me a hoochie

Her tongue tatted on my skin

That’s the way she leave her mark

She keep herself ready

And we on go just from the start


She likes when I get in between the


Beyond those legs they tell the truth

No telling what my mind does 

When I get to freestyle in her booth

Im a be good to you

There’s no surprise here that Chlöe Bailey is a star. The burgeoning superstar released her new single, ‘Surprise’, over the weekend after fans chose this song after a poll she had on Tik Tok. The infectious sultry song begs to be played and I’m sure many will add this to your playlist.

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