(inspired by the song of the same name)

Going against the grain

Head to head

But she wants me to catch a fade

I can be cool with your antics

But I’m not gonna deal with the shade

Deal with you into me

And then make you your enemy

Nice to meet you

I’m sorry

I’m just here to do a job

Nice to meet you

I’m running

Away from you

Catching up with karma

And when it does

I hope it never leaves

Imprint in your blueprint

Fresh enough to plant seed

There is a fine line

In the root of good and evil

So stop it with this balancing act

Actions speak louder than words

And all they do is distract

Nice to meet you

I’m sorry

See you here to do a job

Nice to meet you

Why you running?

Away from the truth

Looking at karma

What is meant for you

I’m sorry

Dancing around the truth

Well let this be your last dance

Done holding my hand out 

You had your chance

This is an oldie but goodie. “Karma” by Summer Walker has been going viral on TikTok inviting me to revisit her 2018 project, Last Day of Summer. Just as the song suggests, it’s reminding people the power of what goes around.

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