(inspired by the song of the same name)

Hey how you doing?

Are you getting tired yet?

I might forgive you

But I never forget

The way the cards dealt

I’m taking all bets

Going all in 

Don’t have any regrets

Found my sign early

While y’all playing out in traffic

Some people have yet to discover

While I’m the one that has it

Living life in the fast lane

Seatbelts have yet to be fastened

Had too many accomplishments

That I couldn’t even imagine

If you looking for a sign

Turn inward and reflect

Is everything that you could wish for

Everything you’d expect?

When you see things aren’t going right…

How much strength do you have left?

Hope that wakes up your hunger

It just may have overslept

Lizzo returned to the music scene in full force in 2022. She released her latest album, Special including its intro track, “The Sign”, an introspective song that tells its listener to look inward when looking for guidance in your life.

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