(inspired by the song of the same name)

Ain’t life grand

Keep it a 100

While trying to add a zero

Some people wear a cape when they not a hero

And the ones that survive

Never take a dive

Or break up on they Desus & Mero

I had thoughts

Deep thoughts

Of me, myself and the pen

Replay the moment in my head

Not taking it for granted again

Some people say they family

And they never been a kin

Some people handed me losses

And they didn’t expect for me to win

All Jokers on deck

But I’m the one that’s with the grin

Held on to pride for so long

And I saw the ones who chose to sin

Jealous ones still envy

Now they look at what could’ve been

Over the last several months, I’ve found myself listening to more from county star, Kane Brown. The 28 year old singer has dabbled in other genres as he collaborated with some of today’s biggest in music. His new single, ‘Grand’ finds himself appreciating everything and being thankful for his family, friends and opportunity in this industry.

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