(inspired by the song of the same name)


Between you and me

Fumigating these pheromones

My spidey senses tingling

Bit by lust

And it sapped out the trust

When commitment was a must

Our actions left each other in disgust

Dramamine because I’m sick of you

When patience ran thin

Where was thick for you?

What didn’t click for you?

I guess you didn’t know how to open up

Just know how to end things

All I really want

Is to be happy

Oblige to see you walk down the aisle

The one I choose to marry

Oblige to take your hand 

And to say I do

To find a love that’s mine

Forever pure and true 

How can I..

Love somebody else?

If I can’t love myself enough

To know

When to let go

Let go and live

Stopped holding onto the pain

Get gone and good rid

YG samples a classic Mary J. Blige song for his latest single, Toxic. Many of us can relate to being in a relationship that was too detrimental to our being and doing what’s necessary to break away from it. You can listen to the new track on all music streaming services.

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