(inspired by the song of the same name)

It’s getting cooler outside
But I hope things don’t cool off
We been doing pre game warmups
Next we playing skins versus skins
Now it’s time to take the top off
Like we in the car riding slow
Danity Kane roof topped off
End with chocolate strawberries and some wine
Just to top it off

Trying to see you on the outside
So I know how you feel on the inside
I can tell you upfront
Got butterflies in my insides
Forms a monsoon in my stomach
Prepare for the tide
Luckily I clean it up well
Yeah prepare for the tide
Not a stain on me
We take off on our ride

Usually caught up in the moment
But I’m caught up in the feelings
Emotions on high
Lil Wayne No Ceilings
Become ying and Yang like we about to have to some twins
Just wait to you see my…
Just wait on the ending

Bryson Tiller closes out the summer with his new single, Outside. The Ying Yang Twins sample compliments the mid tempo track effortlessly as the singer aims to keep people dancing as the weather cools down.

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