(inspired by the song of the same name)

Overdue for a reset
Been climbing mountains and mountains
But I haven’t peaked yet
Still gotta eat yet
I gotta realize when it’s time to step back
Assess the situation
Before it all builds up and I overreact
Stress spewed over
Felt my first panic attack
Anxiety kicked in and I want my body to take it all back
Bald boy no cap
I ain’t gotta say it twice but I never wanna feel that
Can’t think the last time I took a break and just sat
Reflected on everything
There some things I redact
Had so many moments this year wanted to be like the new me
So many people that think they really knew me
So many times I said shit I outgrew the
Things I can control
And not worry about the things I can’t
People that salute me on sight
Out of sight they wanna try and pull rank
If it come out your mouth, better speak on it
Because this really ain’t what you think
I been holding on to stuff for a while now
It’s time for my speech and I got too many people to thank

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NAV & Bryson Tiller’s new song, Reset, is exactly how I have been feeling for the moment. Changes have been occurring a lot on personal & professional levels and I’ve been just quietly compiling all of them into my latest collection. Stay tuned for that and in the meantime, listen to this track on all music streaming services.

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