(inspired by the song of the same name)

Just because I don’t match your density
Now it’s talk that don’t match your energy
Just because I ain’t taking what you giving me
Are you kidding me?
It ain’t your birthright
If I haven’t gave you a birth right?
Tired of all this sneaky shit
Tired of trying with all my might

I ain’t mixy
If my actions change
Adjusting to your nonsense
Now all of sudden I’m acting strange
Say you missing the magic
Now all of a sudden I’m dr strange
You more funnier than a comic
You can draw conclusions in a comic
Just because that facade you created came crashing down like a comet
You find it ironic

Guess love ain’t thicker than blood
Because when things get dirty
Who gonna be the one that’s with you in the mud
Who the ones that keep it clean and don’t make any suds
Tired of all your antics
All I do is shrug

Two-thirds of the Migos group have released a new song about changed behaviors when it comes to being in a relationship. You can listen to the single featuring Summer Walker on all streaming services.

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