(inspired by the song of the same name)

Say you put in effort
I’m going to quit selling myself short
You think we made progress
Guess I gotta give you a report

Was in the dark for awhile
Found the light and I liked it
Comfort amongst my sins
All about me
All I got right now
Some words so I give in
That dug under my skin
It’s all about

Bloodstain on my shirt
Think it’s what I deserve
Never noticed my worth
Kicked you to the curb
Now you say I was thirsty

Never go against my word
Never wanted perfection
Fucking up my mental
Never will I be desperate

Chalked outlines of memories of the past
You made this crime scene
Did it quick and fast
Foot stayed on the gas
Yet you used the emergency brake
Caught up in these situations
Like damn is love for me too late
Got me taking bait
And you treat me like I’m one
of the plenty fish in the sea
Vision wasn’t there
Didn’t need 20/20 for me to see

Blood again on my cardigan
Yes, we could’ve been more than friends
No love lost
Can’t make amends
I won’t ever be thirsty

Still I learned my worth
Never said it was perfection
No more fucking up my mental
Hope you learned your lesson

R&B sensation SZA has finally released her highly anticipated single, Shirt. First teased on TikTok 2020, the heartbreak anthem will have listeners in their feels. You can stream the single on all music platforms

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