(inspired by the song of the same name)

32 years
Wish I was reliving my twenties
With a pocketful of change
Instead of a pocket full of twenties
Now why I ask for that?
I love my life good and plenty
Take it back to the time when I didn’t have that many

Take it back to the time
To who was really riding with me
And not just in the passenger seat
Who was there more than just the weekend
And more than just a week
They even shared a meal with and that ain’t for the meek
Those the ones I’ll share a mill with and I ain’t talking meek

Had many dreams, experienced a few nightmares
Had a few breakdowns, had a few scares
Had a few people want to play musical chairs
And when the music stop, most seem to disappear

Nowadays my hair getting thin
Similar to me running out of patience
Wrote a lot sentences
Made a few statements
Made a lot of points
Made a few wayments
And people paid for a lot of things
Few I’m waiting on the payments

21 Savage tackles Drake’s signature “Time & Place” series as “3AM in Glenwood” serves as the next entry found on their new collaborative album, Her Loss.

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