(inspired by the song of the same name)

One two three four
I can’t put five on it
Couldn’t be social
No need to go live on it
Love too shallow
No need for me to dive in it
Deadened the chance
For you to come alive in it
We Donna’d during the summer
Guess we couldn’t survive it

Old school blues
Leads to new school memories
I remember text conversations
After 7 the minutes free
Treat me like a god
Worship me like I a deity
What they said was true
And I guess she wasn’t meant for me

If I get it once
You should’ve been memorable
If I do it twice
I guess you wasn’t forgettable
If you do it more
Than I better be unforgettable

You said you like my tongue
Well you should’ve texted me back
You said you felt the sensation
When it traveled down your back
Now you fumbled a good thing
Now you never coming back

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard new music from Saweetie. Tap into the raw single, Memorable, available now on all music streaming services. 

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