(inspired by the song of the same name)

People want me to turn up
And then expect me to turn up
When they need me
When they just a leech
They seed me
And seep all of my happiness
And don’t expect the madness
Put a grin on my face it’s endless
Then expect me to end this
No…going off the record
You winless

Fucking up my vibe
I’m gonna need a drink
Peace is a moment
They gonna have to rethink

When they fuck up
They gonna need to luck up

It’s so embarrassing
How we used to be friends
To now I don’t care if it ends
Past making amends

Blind to the bullshit

After years of waiting, SZA finally returns with her sophomore album, SOS, this past weekend. Full of fan favorite songs, here’s one of mine entitled, Blind.

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