“L3” (LENNY Season Three).

Alternate lives or alternate realities? See how things unfold in “L3” (#LENNY Season Three).

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(L3: LENNY Season 3 will be available August 2021)

S2/EP10: Nurture.

S2/EP10: Nurture.

We are taught,
That relationships
Are for other people,
As they navigate the course
And direct the scene of our love.
Why is that?

S2/EP9(Ω): Òleksandr aka Uri.

I’ll understand my journey
One day,
But if need be,
Or if you need me,
May resilience resound my words,
Remember these things I say:
I still miss you
And I’d kiss you
If I could…

S2/EP9(α): Aléxandros aka Uri:

Because in order to
Serve and Protect,
Our hearts,
We took advantage of someone else…
And because they haven’t noticed,
We just don’t see it yet.

S2/EP8: Reality/Realities.

As I ride the subway,
I look out into windows
Of parallel lives and trains,
Wondering how much of myself
Is looking back…
Wondering if he will see himself

S2/EP7(Ω): Ever So Lately

#LENNY – S2/EP7(Ω): Ever So Lately

A hot comb straightens my new growth.
The edges of my existence.
Though I trim the dead ends,
My mane still feels unhealthy.
Still it seeks nourishment.
Something is missing and broken.
Broke and in pain

S2/EP7(α): Ever So Lately

In that place,
Will I kneel?
Speak and sing praise to a God
I’ve felt in the past has forsaken me?
Thank them for my experience?
Tell them I now realize
I didn’t get the short end of the deal?
Had a better hand.

S2/EP6(Ω): I Believe.

I believe,
The fabric of time is interwoven.
Interweaves our lives,
Through what succeeds
As it becomes entangled
With what proceeds…
The stories of our lives,
And variations of versions of me…

S2/EP6(α): I Believe…

I believe,
That the light we see,
And radio waves we receive,
Are just us…
Trying to communicate,

S2/EP5: Currently & Concurrently…

The weight of divorce,
Still wafts in the room sometimes.
Hangs on my shoulders,
It stains my new shirt with tears,
After I got dressed up just for him…

S2/EP4(Ω): “like trash”.

I remove myself,
Like a missing citation.
I carry the weight of thoughts,
But not the words
To reference the feelings,
I exist in narratives and stories
That I fear few will understand,
And even fewer will ever read.

S2/EP4(α): “like treasure”.

I find comfort,
In who we are.
Both trash…
Discarded portions,
Like undesired pieces
On pages in a bin,
Soon to be deleted,
Immediately waiting to be erased,
From Random(ly) Accessed…

LENNY – S2/EP3(Ω): Feel.

My life is falling apart.
Slipping from my grasp,
While I hold it together,
I can’t understand
The reason for my circumstance.

S2/EP3(α): Grow.

I moved in slowly.
Circled my situation intently.
Vulture picking the carcass,
Of who I was and used to be.
My past became nourishment…

LENNY – S2/EP2(Ω): Silent.

It was only a matter of time.
Our existence would only exist
In this chapter of my life.
The length was still undefined.
And with words
Lost in translation,
We exist on borrowed time.
Moments stolen from my dreams…

S2/EP2(α): Silence…

But I had to accept that
We were no longer
Only fucking.
I took days of distance,
Contemplated all my exes,
Reflected & Reminisced,
Made a few decisions
On how to measure…
The depths of this experience

S2/EP1: Open Book.

Random analogies and metaphors,
Simple words and phrases,
Digestible poetry…
Combo meals,
Popular for mass consumption.
I desire none of that.

S1/EP8: Closing Remarks. (Part II)

So am I making closing remarks?
Or is this a follow up discussion?
I just wanna avoid un-alerted spoilers,
And their possible repercussions.

S1/EP7: Closing Remarks. (Part I)

I listened to a song that made me think of you.
An album I hadn’t heard later,
I feel like I knew you better than when
I invested time in knowing you.

S1/EP6: Gray Areas & Silver Linings.

What happens when you wonder,
If to be with someone
Means just putting up with each other,
Or finding another person
Who thinks about these things too,
As you both say nothing,
And simply exist
In this gray area?

S1/EP5: After Glow.

Moisturized and slightly,
Smoother than silk…
Oil slick,
Is the spot in which I bask
In my after glow.
Your satisfaction in tow,

S1/EP4: Told. (After…)

You told me:
“We are each other.
We exist with one another…
In our current and past lives…
We will always be together.”

S1/EP3: ºC.

In front of the sink,
Move your toothbrush
And look up into the mirror.
Let me embarrass my mother in ways
She hopes to never have to discuss…
Or at least never imagined to.

S1/EP2: Tempo…

We were both falling.
I wonder sometimes who would catch us,
And every time he reminds me,
Each other.
Hopefully for me this act won’t be a repeat,
So I guess I’ll just keep the tempo…

S1/EP1: So, What Now?

I’d like to believe that there’s another story inside of me. One that’s finding the deep and intricate words to move me forward from when I considered that I’d lost my touch. Quiet as it’s kept, I’ve already written what I consider to be the best work of my life. So, what now?

S1 (TRAILER): The Interview.

LENNY sits down with us in an exclusive interview, sharing the experiences of living/loving in his thirties. These are the stories shared between him, his partner, the writer and you.