The Poetry Question is currently accepting submissions for THE POWER OF POETRY

The Power of Poetry – 

    1. Personal Essay on The Power of Poetry in your life
    2. 500-800 Words
    3. submit to
    4. Selected pieces will be published on and be considered for a future physical anthology


The Poetry Question is seeking person essays for a “POETS ON POETS” section. Submission requirements:

  1. Who is (are) the author(s) that inspire you? Why? How? What were those first pieces to give you pause? What did you find inside their writing that truly struck you on a visceral, emotional, other-worldly level? 
  2. 500-1000 words
  3. Include a bio, links to your work, and a photo
  4. Submit to


  1. Kartkua na zdjÄ™ciu co widzimy ? Gdy sie czyta o Mariawitach , chciaÅ‚oby siÄ™ by taki koÅ›ciół istniaÅ‚ .On byÅ‚ stworzony dla ludzi i o ludziach myslaÅ‚ , żal .Tyle dobrego w tym byÅ‚o , miast to wykorzystać , &#ytW2;28korzys2ać ” walczono z tym .Natura czÅ‚owieka jest pokrÄ™cona .Niby dobro i zÅ‚o sÄ…siaduja ze sobÄ… , ale zÅ‚o ma lepszy marketing, dobro cichutko sobie powoli pracuje, niewielu ich dostrzega

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