Tag: Realities

S2/EP4(Ω): “like trash”.

I remove myself,
Like a missing citation.
I carry the weight of thoughts,
But not the words
To reference the feelings,
I exist in narratives and stories
That I fear few will understand,
And even fewer will ever read.

LENNY – S2/EP2(Ω): Silent.

It was only a matter of time.
Our existence would only exist
In this chapter of my life.
The length was still undefined.
And with words
Lost in translation,
We exist on borrowed time.
Moments stolen from my dreams…

S2/EP2(α): Silence…

But I had to accept that
We were no longer
Only fucking.
I took days of distance,
Contemplated all my exes,
Reflected & Reminisced,
Made a few decisions
On how to measure…
The depths of this experience