Malik Ameer Crumpler

Malik Ameer is a captivating poet, editor, rapper, composer, and producer. He is art personified—involved in +50 albums, glitch art films, six poetry books and a book of raps.

Lynne Sachs

Sachs is a poet devoted to creating and consuming a lifetime of art. As a filmmaker, she strives to create unnerving imagery from decades of inquiry, risks, and thinking with a curious mind.

Ray Young Bear

Young Bear is an artist, poet, musician, and novelist. He speaks, sings, and writes in his first language all the while preserving Meskwaki customs, history, language, and mythology.

Astra Papachristodoulou

Papachristodoulou is my favorite neo-futurist artist on the experimental scene. I often proclaim that she is an art goddess because her Poem Atlas collaborations and exhibits are masterpieces.

Robert Frede Kenter

Kenter amplifies unique storytelling by showing true compassion and love for authentic voices. He collaborates with a kaleidoscope of artists and musicians from all over the globe.

Maggs Vibo is an artist, scholar, and war veteran from Richmond, VA. Her art features in poetry films, anthologies, art exhibits, festivals, print and broadcast media. To learn more, visit poemythology.com

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